Saturday, August 21, 2010

Making Bibs

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mixed emotion day

Well today is the first day of school. Michael will attend 7th grade. My last one in Junior high. He has always been with one of his brothers and this year he will go to school alone. I often wonder how will do. I feel sad for him to not have anyone there but I know he will do just fine. Since most of the kids he has gone to school with since kindergarten.

Ryan will start his freshman year. I look back and I see myself holding this tiny little baby who was suppose to be our last. I remember holding him crying and Dave looking at me. He said, You want another one don't you?" I smiled through my tears and said yes. Now look at the child. Not only is he taller then me he's in HIGH SCHOOL!! There for awhile he was really not wanting to go. Ryan is alot like I am. Change does not come easy for us. He has started to come to grips of not really having a choice so he's starting to loosin up. A week before school actually started he was getting excited. So I guess there's some hope for him. Marcus will be there with him so that's a plus.

Marcus will be a junior. Simply amazing how that older children who can drive is a plus! Not only can he take and pick Ryan to and from school, he can also pick up Michael from school. This will be the first year that I will not have to load up 5 or 6 day care kids everyday and go pick up the boys. Except for Fridays. They get out at 1215 so I will have to go after him. I sure am looking forward to it though.

And Aron. Yes, it was strange having him home this morning. Not having to go wake him up for school. Not having to buy him school supplies or clothes. While he was suppose to leave for bootcamp January 10th he will now be leaving September 20th. This was the conversation when he called.

A: "Mom, my recru..."

M:"Wait, stop right there. If you are pulling a joke on me just don't do that cause it won't be funny."

A:"No mom listen. It's not a joke."

M: (tears start to weld up) "ok"

A:" Sgt. Milliron called and said they have an opening in Intelligance soon and asked if I wanted to go."

M:"ok, when?"

A:" I'd leave September 20th."

M:" Did you say yes?"

A:"Yeah, I did."

M:"ok (crying)

As hard as this is going to be I know it's going to be the best thing for him. I am very excited to see him start his own life but sad to let him go. He is a good man! I just love him so much!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Conversation with 4 yr olds

Danika-4, Jackson-4, Lance-4 (all day care kids)

So yesterday while we were having lunch with my day care kids Michael asked me what kind of car Danika had that had a different name. While I was trying to rack my brain to remember I asked her what kind of car she had.

Danika says "We have the Old blue which is my dad's truck. Then we have the orange and whitie. And my mom drives the Tahoe. We used to have the PT Cruiser and Denali but we sold the PT Cruiser and Denali. I'm not sure why but we did."

I replied, "oh yeah Denali."

Then Michael looks at Jackson and says, "Jackson, what kind of car does your mom drive?" Jackson says, "One with wheels."

We busted out laughing. It was so funny.