Monday, September 24, 2007

Jiffy Pop

Okay so I found some "jiffy pop" Wow that makes me feel so old. Anyway, the boys have never seen something like this. So of course I bought some so they could see how I used to pop popcorn and it's fun anyway to watch the top go up. They wanted to help and thought it was sooo cool the way it popped up. They started to run out of patience and keep asking how long does this take?
Anyway here are a few pictures of them helping pop the popcorn
It won't let me upload the picture of the top all popped up hmmmm......

Friday, September 21, 2007

A bit of bad news

Okay so Aron went to school to let the coach that he would be able to play in the last two games. Well the coach asked if he got a note from the doctor releasing him. He said no and came home to let us know that he needed one.
Well we called the doctor and asked and here is what he said....NO!! He said that is he not totally healed and he is at greater risk of re injuring the elbow even if it's wrapped up and if he hurts it again then he will not only have to start all over but that he will not be able to play baseball this year and possible football next year. The doctor said that if we really want him to play the last two games then he will release him BUT if he re injures the elbow that he will not see him. I guess it's a libality issue. We totally understand where he's coming from and it would be a shame for him to get hurt just for the last two games. He is so bummed but will get over it. He will continue to support the team. He's a true trooper.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Free At Last

Well let's see Aron had his Doctor's apt yesterday and the news on the arm was good. It's healing the way it should be and will be completely healed in 3 to 4 weeks. No therapy is needed either. On the other hand for football he suggested that he not play at all this year BUT it was totally up to us to make that decision.
So with a lot of thought and talking to Aron we came to an agreement. His next two games are away and there is NO WAY I'm going to let him play with me not there. Should something happen and I can't get to him would just be devastating to me. So the rest of this week he can lift weights to help build up the arm again. Next week he can start practicing with the team. The week after that there will be 2 home games left and he will be able to play in those. This way we will be there to watch him. Most people are wondering why would we let him play if the doctor suggests him not to but the answer is simple for us. He busted his butt this summer going to weightlifting and practice and camp everyday all summer. He deserves to play in at least the last two. He has continued to go to every practice after school every game and support his team. It has killed him to just stand on the side lines and watch.We are hoping that he will use his discretion to make the right decision that if there is a problem with his elbow that he will stop. I know that's asking a lot from a teenage boy but I feel that he will make the right decision. He goes back to the doctor in three weeks. We will continue to keep you posted.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bye Bye Jordan

Well we had to say goodbye to Jordan. We had to find a new home for her since she was not working out with our busy life. It's not fare to her that I didn't have the time to spend with her like I did Jackie. She was like child with severe ADHD! I just could get her trained so we had to let her go. We found her a wonderful home in Poland Junction on 5 acres with the people who run the 4-H club. She is now living on a lot of land with horses, chickens, rabbits, and goats. She will have a lot of fun with her new brothers and sisters. We will miss her.