Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Celebration dinner

My mother in law Betty and Me

Betty giving her speech
Praying for Rachel
Monday night the church gave my mother in law a "retiring" party. She has done the church nursery for 32 years! She is such an awesome women of God. I have learned a lot from her. I just appriciate the Godly women that she is. I love her to death!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bradshaw VS Sunrise

Last Friday night was Homecoming for the Bradshaw Bears. They played a really good game. The weather was just perfect. We weren't sure if Marcus would go in or not. When it was getting close to the game ending we just assumed that he wouldn't. Well he did play the last 8 minutes of the game. He was so happy to out there! The Bears won 53-26!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hi ho Hi ho it's off to work he goes

Bulldogs VS Storm

Today Michael had a game in Campe Verde. It was INTENSE!! Oh my gosh. I think I grew 8 grey hairs durning this game. The outcome.......they won 6-2 How do you only score 2 points you ask? They got a saftey on us!
It was hot down there! Glad to get back up the hill where it was much cooler!

Casting Crowns Concert

Me and my friend Vaness

Matt Reddman

Casting Crowns

I won tickets to see Matt Reddman and Casting Crowns! My friend Vanessa and I went to Phoenix to see them. Being that I won them I "assumed" that our seats would be up in the balcony. Nope We were 26 rows from the stage to the left and on the end. They were great seats.
We stopped by Panda Express for dinner and thanks to a day care mom we had Coldstone for dessert!
Then we headed to the concert. It was amazing. We had a great time.

Bradshaw VS Mingus

Friday night Bradshaw played Mingus at home. They lost 27-19 Close but not good enough! Better luck next week boys.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The go ahead

Well Marcus had a doctors apt this afternoon. I'm excited to say that he will be able to play in the next football game!! Not this weeks but the week after. Today he can go to practice and run and do the exercises. Just not the tackling. He is so excited to go back to practice today! Please keep him your prayers that he doesn't hurt anything!!

Look what's cookin

Ryan making BBQ meatballs

Uncooked meatballs

Finished product! They got to them before I took the picture.
Ryan has been asking to make dinner. I would love for him to learn but sometimes I just have the attitude of just let me do it and get it done. But I've decided to let him cook something every once in awhile. He made these all by himself. I just stood over his shoulder and made sure he did it right. They came out really good!

The Storm win 19-7

Michael had his first game on Saturday. The weather was nice and hot. Until the game was about to start. The clouds rolled in and stayed there until the game was over. It was a lot of fun to watch him play. They won 19-7 Go Storm!! Remember Michael is #52 so look for him in the pictures.

Prescott VS Bradshaw

Remember when you had those two high schools in your town that werer always competing with each other? Well it's been that way for a while now with Prescott High and Bradshaw Mountain! Last Friday night the Bears(Bradshaw) beat the Badgers(Prescott) 26 to 18

Although Marcus did not play in the game he was happy to be on the sidelines supporting his team.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We spent our Labor Day weekend at my sister in laws hotel. Every year we plan a pool party and it always seems to rain. So this year we waited to do it later in the summer. It was a nice day. Not to hot and no rain. We had a lot of fun visiting with family and swimming.

Family visit

This weekend my sister and my nephew Jack came to visit. We have had her cat Lief and she came to pick him up. She has moved to Cali and is only 7 hrs away. I have seen her twice in a year now!!

It had been about 5 years since the last time I've seen her. Since she lived in Miami it was hard to see each other.

Jack, my nephew spent 2 nights with us. He has so much fun with his cousins.

Varsity Parent Night

Friday night was Varsity parent night. It was neat to be announced with Marcus as his parents. We walked through a tunnel with him and then were announced as "Mr. & Mrs. David Bronson and son Marcus Bronson" It was fun. They gave the mom's 3 silk roses. Black, Red and White.

Bradshaw VS Paradise Valley

Friday nights game was a home game.
Ummm....they lost! 42-17! It was not a good night for them. They last 2 teams they have played have been the best teams in AZ. So hopefully next week will a better week!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flag football

Ryan waiting for the play

Ryan #59

Ryan in the huddle
Ha!! Another one playing football. Flag football that is. Ryan as most of you know is not really my sporty one so I am glad that he not only wanted to play but made the team!! Go Ryan!!
Yes, he has his glasses on that day cause he had a eye problem and needed to just them rest from contacts.
He is having fun playing and really is enjoying it.


Waiting to go in to the game

Michael is all the way to the L #52
Warming up before the game

Michael is the 2nd from the right
Michael in the huddle #52

*Posting these pictures and trying to move them around is like working a chinesse puzzle!!*

Last weekend was the football Jamboree for our town. This is Michael's first year playing. I know I know I know. Why would be put him in football with all the other injuries we've had in football.

Anyway, it was a fun lonnnnggg day for everyone. We arrived at 9 am. First game started at 1030. Second game started at 1230. Third game started at 230. Fourth game started at 430.

He does really well for his first year. He's on a team that has won the championship for that past 4 years. The coaching is great and they play hard.

The weather was nice and warm. Thanking God for a breeze otherwise it would of been really hot. Later in the day for game 3 for about an hour it clouded up and rained a bit so that was a nice cool down for the boys.

Games start on September 12th! Will keep you posted on them.

Pray for NO injuries!!!

Slow down already!

This is what happens when you come down the hill by our house way to F-A-S-T!!
The older gentlemen wasn't hurt to bad. Just some bumps and bruises.
Hopefully people will stop going down the hill and around the corner as fast as they do.