Sunday, February 28, 2010

I "heart" you

I was washing the dishes and had the silverwear in the pot. I took it all out and turned around to put them in the dish washer. When I turned back around to wash the pot this is what I saw.
No joke. Isn't it the coolest thing ever?

The cat

Ok so this morning I was taking a shower and had just turned off the water. I hear this "thump" sound as I turned to get my towel and there was the cat ontop of the shower. Gave me a heart attack!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Busy Mom's Bible

A few days ago I was listening to the Chrisian radio station and the girl said that Zondervan was giving away the new busy mom's Bible to the first 5,000 people. So I went to the website and registared. I was thinking there's no way I'm gonna get one. Who knows how long they've been doing this.
Guess what came in the mail yesterday....Yep you guessed right the bible! I was so excited. There are 52 one minute thought starts and of course the bible to read!
And it's PINK!! I've been needing a new bible. I'm so glad I got one. Thanks Zondervan!

Mary Poppins

For Valentine's Day Dave took me to go see Mary Poppins in Tempe at the ASU Gammage. We took everyone but Aron. He had to work that weekend. It was the first time we ever left him home alone. He did good.

We stayed at the Red Roof Inn. Got the other boy's their own room. It was conjoined with ours. We did some shopping, swimming and relaxing. The weather was just beautiful. Ready for Spring!!

We went to the play and it was just wonderful. I had a good time. I love that movie. Has always been a favorite of mine.
Monday morning we met with Shawn and Rachel, Dave's cousin for breakfast. We got to meet their new addition Abigail. She's such a cutie and see the boys who have grown!! We had a great visit.
I'm so thankful I got to spend the weekend with my family.

Incoming Freshman

A few weeks ago I took Ryan to Freshman night at the high school. The gym was full of kids. They showed a slideshow of what Bradshaw had to offer. Then we listened to the principal and were released to tour the campus. We visited a cafeteria where they had all there clubs available. We also went to a few rooms where we got to meet some of the teachers there.
Ryan is not thrilled to go but Marcus will be there for 2 years with him and then Michael will be there for the other 2 years. He's a very smart boy and will be in some honor classes. Those classes seem to be smaller with more serious kids. I'm sure he will find his place.
Each one of my boys are different. Their personalities and what they like to do. Ryan is not a sporty kid. But he does enjoy other things. I'm sure he will do just fine. I just can't get over the fact that he will be in high school next year.
I still remember Dave and I talking about him being our last. When we brought him home I sat on the couch crying. Dave look at me and said "You want another one don't you." I just nodded yes. He said "Okay, one more and that's it." I just smiled and said ok.


Ok first I apologize to everyone who reads my blog. I have to admit that I have spent way to much time on Facebook and not enough time on my blog. For those of you who come here to catch up on my family I apologize. There's not been a whole lot going on but enough to blog about which I haven't. Please accept my apology and I promise to get with it!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Michael, Aron, Justin, Marus, Jackie, Ryan

Aron & Jackie

Marcus & Aron

Dave took all the boys up to Mingus Mountain to go sledding when they had those snow days. They had a lot of fun but the snow was so deep that is was more work then they wanted to do walking back up the hill. Personally I think Jackie had the most fun.

Indepentant Driver

I am proud to announce that Marcus is now a indepentant driver!! He officially drives to and from school every morning. Let me just tell ya it sure is nice having another driver in the house. He is driving the jeep now since Aron has his own car. Trying not to take to much advantage of him but then again we are paying for his gas so that makes it ok.