Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bradshaw Loses 10-5

A game in Flagstaff ended in a lose for the Bears.

Aron says he popped out twice. Grounded out to the third baseman and made a lucky catch.

Last inning hit a single for an RBI.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bradshaw Loses 8-3

Aron had a game Saturday afternoon. I got to watch about 40 minutes of the game. They played Prescott High School. I got there right when he was up to bat. He managed to strike out! He said he played okay. They lost 8-3 or would you say 3-8?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bradshaw wins 9-8

Aron had another game tonight down in Phoenix. He was on his own for this one.

He just texted me and said "I popped out twice but I had one that was almost a home run and the guy caught it. I got a double on a passed ball"

They won 9-8. Close game. I asked how the weather was cause here it's 45degrees and the winds are like 41mph! Cold and windy. Typical baseball weather. He said that it was warm and windy in Phoenix.

Way to go Bears!!

My heart is so full of joy

So we had the Dodd's (Dave's cousin) here for the weekend and on Saturday night Aron, Junior, and 2 of the oldest Dodd girls all went to the 180(a music/drama scene our church does) After the 180 Aron and Junior were invited to go to Rebecca Drennen's house. I was acutally surprised that he wanted to go. They went from 10 to midnight. He said he had such a fun time. He got to meet alot of new kids from church and just hang out.

Sunday after we had lunch with the Dodd's he and Junior went to play volleyball with some of the kids. I have been sick the whole weekend with a really bad sinus cold. I have not gotten much rest because of staying up late with company.

Sunday morning I felt just horrible but I still went to church and out to lunch. I came home to rest. We saw the Dodd's off and I WASN'T going to go to church. I was just going to stay home and go to bed early BUT.....God really convicted me. He said "You weren't well this morning but still went to church, so you can go tonight" So I went.

It' a good thing I went because you are never going to believe what happened. Pastor pulled the alter call and I had my head bowed. Ryan tapes my on the shoulder and with tears in his eyes askes my if he is to young to go up and get saved. I said no, raise your hand. He asked if I would go up there with him and I said yes.

I walked up there with him but asked the usher to find a guy to pray with him. So the Rossa guy who's married to the Kleefish girl went up there and prayed with him. I was so excited for him.

My heart is just so full of joy and happiness. But wait it get's better!!!!I'm standing talking to Leanne when Brent Brooks walks up to me and says so you want to see these? He hands me 3 convert cards. My first thought was of he's showing me all 3 cards as to say look all 3 of your boys are all saved now. But when I took them he looked at me and said " These are all from tonight" I said "Aron and Marcus prayed?" He said yes tonight 3 of you sons got saved. I'm just so excited for them. My heart is full of joy. I couldn't believe it. God is so good and I am forever grateful that he is still in the saving business!!

After church I asked Marcus if he prayed and he said yes that he jut felt like it was time. Aron said that Michael Galvin had talked to him Saturday night. So he said that he asked him if he wanted to pray and Aron said yes.

Amazing, simply amazing. God is so wonderful.

Bradshaw wins 15-5

Once again the Brashaw Bears dominated the game. Winning 15 to 5. Way to go Bears.
Aron had a few good hits not only with his bat but took one in the leg and one in the back. It was a cold windy afternoon. We survived though. Typical baseball weather.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Report Cards

Well report cards came in. They did very well.

Aron recieved 1-A 2-B's 2-C's and 1-D(1 stinking point from a C)

Marcus recieved 4-A's and 2-B's

I am so proud of them both. Only 8 weeks of school left.

Ryan and Michael get there report cards the first part of April.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Spring Break: Monday and Tuesday

Monday: We didn't do much. Dave took the day off. Good thing because he helped me out by taking Michael to the dentist. I had day care. Aron had baseball practice. Marcus had his friend Garrett over. Dave worked outside on his bricks. He's changing somethings around out front.

Tuesday: Aron had a game in Phoenix. Dave and Marcus went down the hill to watch the game. Ryan,Michael and I stayed home. I did day care.

What a day.......for some reason lately my day care boys have done nothing but annoy each other. It's only Tuesday and I thought for sure I was going to pull my hair out with those two. So, we went outside to play. The weather was so beautiful. We went to the park to feed the ducks. They really liked that. Then we came home and I fixed lunch. Then it was time for that glorious sound of silence.....NAPTIME!!!

My friend Sharon and her daughter came over and we had lunch together. She left to take care of some things. She came back for the evening for dinner. Well I had to go get dog food and her daughter was going into town to sleep over at her friends house. We went to the vet in PV to get the dog food. Once again they raised the price of the dog food. I was like that is crazy. We get the food in PV because it's closer. We take Jackie to Prescott to see the vet, so I called the vet in Prescott since we were going to town anyway. The lady told me the price there and it was like $20 cheaper. I turn around and return the food to the vet in PV. I get halfway into town and call them back to have the go ahead and pull the food. When I do this the lady tells me that the price is the same as what I just paid the vet in PV. I told the lady no I just talked to someone there and she told me this price and that I had just got if from PV and returned it. I told her that I was on my way into town to pick it up from their office. Crazy!!! We get Sharon's daughter dropped off and head to the vet. When I go in the lady just keep apologizing to me telling me that she quoted me the wrong price. I told her it was okay we all make mistakes. But God is good cause I was totally blessed with the wrong price she quoted me.!!! It was worth the drive into town. I know I won't get it again for that price but I will take it this once.

We head back to PV and get home to make a yummy dinner!!! A bacon chicken crescent ring!!

Bradshaw wins 14-6

Aron had a game last night in Scottsdale. Marcus and Dave made it down the hill to watch the game that started at 7pm. Dave said Aron was the star of center field with a few amazing catches and 3 RBI's for the game. Bradshaw won 14-6

Friday, March 13, 2009

A swing and a miss

Last nights game was cold, long and seemed like it was never going to end! Aron did good with 1 grounder for a RBI. And two stike outs. But they won in the end. 14-4

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I have seen these "Worldless Wednesdays" around on blogs and thought I would give it a try. My kids are not that little anymore so I'm not sure what to post. I thought it would be neat to just post a picture or two of them each week. But this is what I have for today.

Game #2

Aron's second game was held in Phoenix. Dave and Marcus drove down there to watch so I only have 2nd hand information. Aron had two grounders. He had 2 RBI's and they were losing 7 to 11. The team ended up scoring 3 more runs for a total score of 11-10. Losing by 1.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What the heck?

Have you ever done something that your husband or friends have NEVER let you forget about? Okay well many years ago my husband bought a old chevy truck from his grandpa. I liked to drive that truck. One day I took it for a spin to the bank. Well as much as I hate to admit it I got a little close to a poll. Yep you guessed it I sort of scraped the side of the truck. It was just a small dent on the side of the truck. But everytime Dave tells the story the dent always seems to get bigger and bigger. I can't imagine why! LOL
So the other day I meet him at Aron's baseball game and pulled up next to his car to park. I notice that there is a small dent and a bunch of yellow paint on the back side of his suburban. I slowly examine the car and say "Hmmm either someone hit your dads car or he backed into something." Marcus pipes up and says "Oh no, mom dad backed into the poll at work." "He just hasn't said anything to you yet." So we walk to the field and I look at him and say. "Did you forget to tell me something?" He just looks at me and says "like what?" I say, "the car" He says "oh yeah, that." " Well I backed into the guardrail at work." Then he looks at me and says "I won't tell you the worst part." I just look at him like "okay" Then he says "I hit it twice." I just died laughing. He will NEVER EVER live this one down.

What an accomplishment

We got a phone call Monday night saying that Marcus was to attend a ceremony to receive an academic award. There are three clubs that give these awards out. The "gold club" which is a student who has a 4.0 and less then 4 absents. The "silver club" which is a student who has a 3.0-4.0 with less then 4 absents. The "red club"which I forgot what is was. Anyway, Marcus fell into the "Silver club" He recieved a pin and say's scholarship on it. I guess if they get so many of these pins then they get a B for Bradshaw to put on there letterman's jacket if they want. His name was in the paper so you can check it out here if you like. http://www.pvtrib.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&ArticleID=49493&TM=40447.12

Up close and personal

This is just a picture of my friends kids. We were chatting with them via Skype. You can see Michael, me and Ryan in the bottom left hand corner of th screen. I thought it was to cute not to post.

Boy's and their guns!

Awhile back the boys got together with a bunch of other boys to have a air soft war. At first they said that there was only going to be about 8 of them. Well 16 boys turned out for this air soft war. First we went o Stoneridge but there were to many people. So we all loaded up in cars and drove to Seven mile gulch. There was no one there and it was out in the woods so they had free range of the forest. One of the other moms showed up which was nice and stayed with me. I had brought a book to read and was just going to stay in the car, "just in case." I had bought a bunch of water and gatorades for them. Brenda's husband came out and brought the boys pizza. They played for about 3hrs. They had so much fun. And no one got hurt.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let the games begin

Aron had is first game of the season last night. They played Peoria High school. Two guys on base and he hit a triple bringing them in to tie the game. 7 to 7. We scored two more points making it 9 to7. The last inning, two of there guys on base, two outs. The kid up to bat cracks the ball sailing it almost over the fence, the two guys running as fast as they can to score when low and behold Aron runs back jumps up and catches the ball. It was amazing. Something you might see in a movie. So awesome!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm a winner!!!

Can you believe that I won a Tide pen to go? I won it from Laughing through the chaos blog. I told you about it. If you didn't enter then your a loser! Cause I entered and now I'm a winner!! Maybe next time. Keep your eyes open for another giveaway coming soon. In the meantime.....WHOO HOO for me.