Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Giveaway....Hurry

Hello to all!! Okay I'm coming out as a "blog stalker" That is what Dave calls me. I love looking at blogs. I like to see how they have them set up and then I start reading and next thing you know I'm hooked and although mine is boring I still am trying to figure out how they get all the stuff on there. SO, I came across this blog and it has a giveaway. Stop by her blog and check it out. She is quite entertaining!! Good luck and enjoy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentines Bunco Night

Dave and Angie's husban Mike
Cyndi's daughter Shelby and son Zach

Carrie, Shelby, Zach and Shana's husband Jamie

Lynn, Austin, Candy, Zada

Angie in the pink, Shana opening a bottle of "Sparkling Cider"

Valentine's Day was spent playing Bunco with the group of girls that I play with from the school. We decided to play couples bunco. Not everyone had a partner so they brought a friend. It was a fun night.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Speedy Gonzalez

This morning I sent Ryan to take out the trash. Marcus comes out of the bathroom with just a towel on mind you. And was looking at the Valentines candy on the counter. He says "Oh is this for me?" I said "No, but your going to be very embarressed when my day care mom opens that door." So he says "no I won't (as he flexs his arms) I will just say drink this"......Just as he did that Ryan whips open the front door and Marcus turned into "Speedy Gonzalez!" Oh my gosh it was so funny....I have never seen him run that fast before. Really wish I had a video camera just then!!!

Not What I Expected

You know as a parent we just "assume" that things will always be the same. Aron has played baseball his whole life and when high school came I assumed that he would continue to. And he has. He played freshman year and sophmore year and now junior year. With Marcus same thing. He played every year of Little League and now he's out of little league. He tried out for freshman baseball at the high school. "Assuming" he would make the team yesterday my heart was broken when he told me that the he didn't make the team. My first intial thought was "What? Are they crazy?" "Don't they know how talent he is?" I am so bummed out for him. I guess as a parent you want your children to succeed in life and do what they want and be on that team. This will be the first year that he hasn't played baseball. Makes me sad. He on the other hand was upset but has a great additude about it. He will become an umpire for the Little League and umpire games this season. He will beable to make some extra money doing that. Plus he can continue to work on working out for football. Like Dave said you dont' see very many big guys in the MLB(major league baseball) You see big guys in the NFL(national football league)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A snow day

Michael throwing a snowball at me
Jackie loves the snow

Jackie and Michael

Earlier in the afternoon.

The weather has been really cold and last night it FINALLY snowed!! Prescott got 6 to 8 inches and we got about 4inches. That is just a guess. The kids of course had a snow day and were very excited. Today(Tuesday) is Dave's day off so he took all the boys to see a movie. I cleaned house and am doing day care for two boys. Here are a few pictures of earlier in the day and later last night. Another storm is expected this weekend.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Friend

Many of you have either heard me talk about my friend Toni. I gave her her gift on Sunday morning at church. We both cried. She is so sweet to me and so dear to my heart. I love her lot's. Here is a picture of her and I.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Concert Date Night

Aron and me

Me and Marcus

Aron, Me & Marcus waiting for the concert to start.

Playing games.....don't ask!!

Aron and Marcus racing......Marcus won.

Marcus and I at Johnny Rockets

I took Aron and Marcus on a date last night. We went to Campe Verde to see Capital Lights in concert. Aron got there CD at the Christian book store not to long ago. They are really good. Also with them were Philmont and Rotterdam November but they were unale to play because the lead singer lost his voice. It was held at Parkside Community Church. First we went to dinner at Johnny Rockets. We ate and then we went and played a few games. When we got to the church it was surprised at how many people weren't there. There was about 100 kids. Then the closer to time more screaming teenage girls showed up. Needless to say we sat in the chairs and watched the goofy teenagers and listened to the music. It was a lot of fun. LOUD!!!! It was a good time to spend with my boys.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


So I've been working on this pillowcase for a month now. I FINALLY got it done. It is for my friend as church who just turned 90 the 2nd of January. I wanted to give her something nice and this is what I came up with. It turned out good. I hope she likes it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Jelly Belly

George made out of jelly bellys
Aron wasn't to excited to have to wear that hat. LOL

Michael spinnig the wheel to see that kind of jelly bean he would get.

I love to tour factories so while we were on vacation be stopped by the Jelly Belly factory. The factory itself was not operating that day....bummer. But they did have tv's that walked you step by step. It was still a fun experience.

San Fran in a day

Lumbar ST.
Eating dinner

Riding the trolly

Oh YUM!!

Michael and some weird guy!! LOL

Playing games
Marcus on the BIG ship

Dave in the submarine.

Having lunch

Taking a boat ride

The bread factorytour

The boys in San Fran

Riding the trolly.....again.

we took the stairs to the outside. Think it was a bit crapped?

In San Fran we went down to the Peir. We did a lot in one day! We took a tour of the Boudin bread factory. Went to the Wax musuem. Took a boat ride. Had lunch. Toured a submarine and a BIG ship. Walked everywhere and rode the trolly up and down a few time just to do it. We also went to a "Old fashion" game room. Walk to the Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory. We had a great time.

The Redwoods

Look close Aron's at the top of that tree

We also spotted by the Trees of Mystery

Dave just had to get out of the car and hug a tree!!

California here we come

On our way to San Fran we stopped by Ocean World and the Redwoods. Here are a few pictures of that trip. We FINALLY got to San Fran at 2am!! That was a lonnggg day for all of us.

Thank you Uncle Bud and Aunt Irene

Thank you Uncle Bud and Aunt Irene for a wonderful time. We love you soooo much.