Friday, December 5, 2008

Not good bye but see you soon

My good friend Sarah and her family are going to India to start a church. Last night we went to a farwell party for her. We fellowshiped with friends. Sarah is a really good friend and hold her dear to my heart. Here is a picture of her and I. Although our other good friend wasn't there because she's in Oklahoma we missed her and wished she was there. We miss and love you Leah!

A Sock Tree

Getting ready for Christmas is not a one day task. Dave managed to get the tree up but with my busy schuedule I didn't have time to decorate it. Now having four wonderful boys the two younger ones decided that they are going to decorate it. When I walke out of my room this is what I saw....A Sock Tree! Tempting to leave them on there. Maybe next year. (grin)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tom & Jerry

This is our cat Liberty. He brought home a friend to play with.

Happy Birthday Marcus

Marcus celebrated his 15th birthday on the 17th of November. He had some friends over this past weekend. In the picture back row is Aron, Noah, Marcus, Zack Dave, Gunner, Ryan. Front row is Addison & Michael. Not pictures is Danny & Justin. Yep 11 boys! Think I'm out numbered?

Happy Birthday Dave

Dave celebrated his 37th birthday on November 16th!

Happy Birthday Dave.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Chief in the making

Ryan learned how to make doughnuts yesterday in home ec. class. So this morning he decided to make some for us. They were yummy!!! They are made from busicuts. You poke a whole in them and put them in the fryer and roll them in sugar. Very easy to make.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cowboy & Indians to Border Patrol

Remember playing the good ole game of cowboy's & Indians back in the day? Well the other day Michael had a friend over and he walks out of his room with a pancho and sambro on. I looked at him a bit strange and said "What are you doing?" He looked back at me with a smile and said "We're playing border patrol."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Aron....A little late

Well he's made it to 17....alive. We celebrated his birthday on Oct. 7th. I know I'm a bit late in putting up these pictures but I figured better late then never. So here they are. We had family over for dinner and cake. He had two friends over. The next day we went shooting. I actually went with them. We all had a lot of fun.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who reads anyway?

Okay so it's been awhile since I've posted anything last and there's LOT'S to tell but who reads this thing anyway?
Okay first and far most football season is over with Marcus. It was an awesome year for his first year. I will post pictures later. Anway, he walked away playing every game starting and finishing. Only two injuries. The first a sprained ACL in the knee. He ended up on crutches and a knee brace for two weeks. That is all healed now. A week and half ago he had an away game in Page which is about 4hrs away. I am so gratefull that Dave decided to drive down. He really wanted to go because they changed Marcus's position in the game to whatever that guy's called that runs the ball. Marcus isn't a fast runner but he's hard to get down. So let's go back to earlier that morning. Marcus asked if I was going and I said no I have to work. He said what would you do if I get hurt? I said good thing your dad will be there. So I get a call at 6pm that night. Dave called to say that they were in the hospital. I was like yeah right. About three times I said this until I actually heard the Dr come into the room.
The report......a broken collar bone! I talked to Marcus and all could say was "Well I got a 18 yard run." Aparently he was running the ball with two guys on him trying to get him down and a third guy jumped on him from behind. He said he heard a crack, but no pain. They went in for the second play and the other team called a time out. That's when the pain set in and he walked off the field. Dave said that he was walking to the field when the trainer took off his shirt and pads not knowing what was wrong, Marcus was screaming. So needless to say there's not much you can do for that. He was on some heavy drugs for three days the pain was so bad. I'ts getting better. He's in a soft brace and sling for three weeks. He goes back to the Orthopedic surgeon on the 7th of Nov. They will do more xrays and take off the soft brace and then he will be in the sling for three more weeks. I will try to keep you posted.
On that note the last few game for the Varsity team they always pull up the best 4 players from the Freshman team. Marcus was picked and announced at their last game Wednesday night.
He's pretty bummed out since he won't beable to play because of the broken collar bone.
He has a football banquet on the 3rd of Nov. that we will be attending.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Grand Tetons Later that day

The raft ride

A unforgettable raft ride

okay so it rained all night. It was cold and we had the heater on in the middle of June! I thought to myself. There is no way that they are going to take us on this raft ride. We had prepaid for this one way 10 mile raft ride down the Snake River. There was one other couple plus us. We got up at 7am to leave by 8. It was cold and sprinkling. We get in the van and start off to our distination. We get there get suited up and in the boat. We are ready for this unforgetable raft ride. We get going and all is well with the weather except for the fact that it is so overcast that you can't see the Tetons, that's because it's snowing up there. The wind picks up and it starts to rain. I don't mean sprinkle, I mean RAIN!! We were wet, cold and miserable. There was no way around it, we would have to just stay in the raft and suck it up. When we finall got to the end we were frozen stiff. We could barely walk. It took all day just for us to warm up. The weather finally cleared up and we got to see the Tetons.

Teton National Park

So we made it to the Grand Tetons. While entering th park their was this girl standing outside her Kiosk. Aron being the teenage boy that he is "thinks" she's a hottie. Dave askes her why she's standing outside her Kiosk and she says oh there's a bird in there. We drive off to find out cabin.
Later the next day Dave decideds he's going to help Aron out with this girl. He rolls down Aron's window and when we show this girl our pass he prceeds to ask her if she got the bird out of her Kiosk. While in the back you hear Aron saying "wrong girl dad." The girl was confused and Dave well he didn't care.

Jackson Hole Wyoming

Still June 9th in Wyoming. Making our way to The Grand Tenton National Park.
We made it to Jackson Hole where it was cold and raining. We stopped to walk through some of the shops and had some homemade ice cream. YUM!!

Happy Birthday Chris

Not sure why this is in blue let alone being underlined. Who knows.
Anyway, I spent my 36th birthday in Idaho Falls, ID. We stopped there to have dinner at the Outback.

Next stop Idaho Falls

Monday June 9th
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Pine Cone War!!!

Airplane Museum at Hill Air Force Base

Monday June 9th
We had a long day ahead of us. First we went to the Airplane Museum at Hill Air Force Base.

Salt Lake City, UT

After the ATV ride we drove to Salt Lake City, UT.

The boy's waiting for Dave to get stuff out of the car and bring the room key.
Aron & Dave throwing Micheal into the pool Michael, happy to be cooled off
Marcus trying to get Dave in the pool.
The family at breakfast the next morning. We have a long drive ahead of us but our first stop is the Airplane Museum at Hill Air Force Base.

Hey that rock looks like................

A camel
A slug? Without his shell
A hippo
See the whole in the rock? Well for those of you who know who Butch Cassidy is when he was about 16 years old he and his friends would still the cowboys horses and then they would go to the top of this rock and watch for them to come around the bend and head down and meet them and sell the horses back to the same cowboys that they stole the horses from. Pretty smart!
Here we are in front of the cabin we stayed at.


Sunday June 8th
ATV ride
We took the boys on a ATV tour ride. We were the only one's in the group. Dave had Ryan ride with him, I had Michael and Aron and Marcus rode their own. We had the best tour guide. He was so nice and entertaining. At one point he took Michael with him and taught him how to drive the ATV and then Ryan. It was a slow going ride because I rode 2nd behind the tour guide. We rode for 2 hrs. Because boys are boys and they like to go fast at the end of the ride we had to drive down this dirt road that was a mile long. The instuctor sent Dave & I back to the van and he let Aron & Marcus drive way to fast for me to watch down that dirt road. It was a blast. Any guesses what the boys want for Christmas this year? Yeah right!!!

Me, Marcus, Ryan, Michael, Aron & our tour guide.