Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday in Oregon

Saturday my Aunt and Uncle took us on boat ride. Actually it was a jet boat. It was a fun ride and they took us up to this place where you eat brunch. It was really good and a lot of fun.The ride back was really fun. We went really fast the they did spins.

Friday in Oregon

We made it Medford, Or where my Aunt and Uncle live. We stayed here for three days. We got there on Friday night. My Uncle made us dinner. Some very yummy spaghetti and we visisted.

A very long drive to Oregon

We were going to drive to Oregon where we were headed for a few days to visit my aunt and uncle in two parts. They kids were doing so well and when we got to Boise ID where we were going to stay we all felt up to keep going so we did. It made for a very long day but was worth it.


So here we are entering Montana. The slide at the pool with the boys. They had a lot of fun here.
The pictures uploaded backwards. I'm going to figure this thing out. I'm still learning.

Yellowstone National Park

We woke up to it snowing and 25 degress. Our plans for the day were to spend it in Yellowstone. Well we got up packed eveything and went to check out when the lady at the front desk proceeded to tell us that ALL roads and entries to Yellostone were closed...due to SNOW!! In June? So Dave started to make different plans. Well I told Dave let's eat and just wait. It was early and not snowing that much at the Tetons. So we did and it payed off. They cleared the roads and off went. Here are a few pictures of our day there. Not very many animals were out. It's way to cold!! We went to see Old Faithfull and she went off but you couldn't see it very well with all the fog. Maybe another summer when it's clear.

Finishing our vaction trip

I know I know it's been forever since I last posted out vaction trip. I need to finish it. So if you got back to 2008 and look up in July it starts there. I hope I can remeber everyting we did. LOL

Oil and Water Do they really mix?

This happened awhile back but funny neither the less.....sorto of. I wish my scanner was working so you could see the note I came across. Okay back in early December I was ordering phones for Christmas for the boys. I had been a lonnnggg day. I had worked all day. I got off work, went to the bank got money for haircuts for Ryan and Michael. Take Ryan and Michael to get haircuts. Ran Michael to his friends house. Ran Ryans friend to his house to get his stuff to stay the night. Went to the store to pick up dinner. Go home. Start dinner. When I got home Aron was gone with his friend Justin taking Marcus to his friends house. Dave proceeded to tell me that Justins sister is stuck at the mall and wants Aron to go and pick her up. It's cold and raining and I said no. The mall is to far away and its wet and cold. So I stop making dinner. I was frying corndogs and fishstick in the deep fryer. So Aron get's home and tells us that the light had turned yellow and he got flashed. UGH!!! Crazy night I tell you. So Justin and Aron get in the car with me and off I go to get Justin's sister. Why didn't his parents go get her you ask? They were are a Christmas party out in th boonies somewhere. (Justin is our 5th son. A friend of Arons from school.) When I get there it was her and her friend so i'm glad that i went after them and not Aron. So I drop them off at her house go home and proceed to restart dinner. It's 8 by the time I get home. So I get them all fed. There are a few more corndogs in the fryer and I tell Aron to take them out when they timer goes off. I go into the room to call Verizon. It take a lot longer then I expected and hour to be exact. When I go to clean up the kitchen there's a note on the counter from Aron it reads...."Don't put ice in the deep fryer! It's scary." After the day I had it just made me crack up laughing. I guess you had to be there. It was really really funny. Maybe I was just tired. When I asked him what happened he said that Justin wanted to see what would happen when he fryed a cheeto. Then Aron said that he put a ice cube in it and the oil went "this" high and it was really scary. He said he just wanted to see what would happen. Go figure!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And you wonder where I've been

Okay so I know it's been a looonnnggg time since I've posted anything here. Needless to say our computer has been gone to TX since December 12th. I have a lot to post and will this weekend. So make sure you check back and see what's been going on.