Friday, December 28, 2007

New Bedsets for the boys

So the boy's got new bed sets from us and Dave's mom and dad. I went and made their rooms up while they were busy Christmas Eve. Dave thought it would be fun for them to sleep in their new beds. Michael is a HUGE Payton Manning fan so we got him a Indianapolis Colts bed set.
Ryan is my lego lover so he got a Bionicle bed set. Marcus is a Albert Pujols fan. He play baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals. So he got the Cardinals bed set. Last but not least Aron. He like the Philadelphia Eagles. So that is what he got. Here are a few pictures of them on their new beds.

Christmas Eve

We have Christmas Eve at my house every year. This year there was my dad, my two sisters Samantha(13) Alyssa(11) their mom Paula. My other sister Shoni & her boyfriend Anthony and his two sons Bradley & Blaise. My Aunt & Uncle stopped by with my cousin Eddie and his new wife Shana. We haven't seen Eddie for 4 years so it was nice to visit with him again. We had dinner which was ham, mashed potatoes, green been casserole and rolls. After some for the company left we let the kids open a few of their gifts. They were all excited and has so much fun. I just love seeing their faces when they open their gifts.
Here are a few pictures of Christmas Eve night.

Standing corrected

I have to rephrase something I put in that last post. It his by far NOT MY salvation. It is thy or his salvation. If it were MY salvation then that would mean that I could do it on my own and there is no way that I can do salvation on my own.

"Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit." (Psalms 51:12, KJV)

"My” salvation means I do it myself. I earn my salvation. I have a right to my salvation. It is mine, and it’s all about me."

"“Thy” salvation is about God – his gift, his promise, his sacrifice, his love. It is his to bestow, because it’s not about you – or me – it’s about God and his grace."

The above phrase was copied from The Purpose Driven Life Daily Devotional on 12-28-07

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

As the season is almost over it is truly a reason to always celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Though Christmas may be over his birth is not. I will be forever grateful for the birth of his son and my salvation. Let us not never forget the real reason for the season.
Merry Christmas to you all.
Dave, Christine, Aron, Marcus, Ryan, Michael & Jackie

Friday, October 19, 2007

Aron turns 16

Well I am now officially a mother of a 16 year old who is about to get his license. I can not begin to tell you where the time has gone. It seems just like yesterday that he was born and now he's driving me around town. For his party we had all the boy's go to the park and play football while I stayed home and cooked dinner. We had tacos, burritos, tostadas, rice and beans. There were about 50 people who showed up and we had a lot of fun. He got totally blessed and decide to put the cash into savings and spend the gift cards. He also got a letterman's jacket and his dad got him a shot gun. Yes it stays in the gun safe.

Fall Tree

Fall is almost here and the trees are beginning to show their true colors. This is a beautiful picture of our neighbors tree from across the street. It's got half it's fall color leaves and half it's summer green leaves.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Jiffy Pop

Okay so I found some "jiffy pop" Wow that makes me feel so old. Anyway, the boys have never seen something like this. So of course I bought some so they could see how I used to pop popcorn and it's fun anyway to watch the top go up. They wanted to help and thought it was sooo cool the way it popped up. They started to run out of patience and keep asking how long does this take?
Anyway here are a few pictures of them helping pop the popcorn
It won't let me upload the picture of the top all popped up hmmmm......

Friday, September 21, 2007

A bit of bad news

Okay so Aron went to school to let the coach that he would be able to play in the last two games. Well the coach asked if he got a note from the doctor releasing him. He said no and came home to let us know that he needed one.
Well we called the doctor and asked and here is what he said....NO!! He said that is he not totally healed and he is at greater risk of re injuring the elbow even if it's wrapped up and if he hurts it again then he will not only have to start all over but that he will not be able to play baseball this year and possible football next year. The doctor said that if we really want him to play the last two games then he will release him BUT if he re injures the elbow that he will not see him. I guess it's a libality issue. We totally understand where he's coming from and it would be a shame for him to get hurt just for the last two games. He is so bummed but will get over it. He will continue to support the team. He's a true trooper.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Free At Last

Well let's see Aron had his Doctor's apt yesterday and the news on the arm was good. It's healing the way it should be and will be completely healed in 3 to 4 weeks. No therapy is needed either. On the other hand for football he suggested that he not play at all this year BUT it was totally up to us to make that decision.
So with a lot of thought and talking to Aron we came to an agreement. His next two games are away and there is NO WAY I'm going to let him play with me not there. Should something happen and I can't get to him would just be devastating to me. So the rest of this week he can lift weights to help build up the arm again. Next week he can start practicing with the team. The week after that there will be 2 home games left and he will be able to play in those. This way we will be there to watch him. Most people are wondering why would we let him play if the doctor suggests him not to but the answer is simple for us. He busted his butt this summer going to weightlifting and practice and camp everyday all summer. He deserves to play in at least the last two. He has continued to go to every practice after school every game and support his team. It has killed him to just stand on the side lines and watch.We are hoping that he will use his discretion to make the right decision that if there is a problem with his elbow that he will stop. I know that's asking a lot from a teenage boy but I feel that he will make the right decision. He goes back to the doctor in three weeks. We will continue to keep you posted.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bye Bye Jordan

Well we had to say goodbye to Jordan. We had to find a new home for her since she was not working out with our busy life. It's not fare to her that I didn't have the time to spend with her like I did Jackie. She was like child with severe ADHD! I just could get her trained so we had to let her go. We found her a wonderful home in Poland Junction on 5 acres with the people who run the 4-H club. She is now living on a lot of land with horses, chickens, rabbits, and goats. She will have a lot of fun with her new brothers and sisters. We will miss her.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Flagstaff VS Bradshaw

Despite not playing in the football game Aron went to support the team.
They won 47-14. A totally happy victory!

GO BEARS!!!!!!!

The Newest Bronson

John Paul Bronson entered the world on Monday August 24th at 10:50pm weighing in at 6lb 15oz.

Michael and I went to go and see him at the hospital Tuesday night. He is sooooo cute.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Aron Update

Aron with his brace not really happy about the new brace.
Excuse the mess in the room we are going through his clothes.

Aron had a doctors apt. Yesterday and the news was good. His arm is healing the way it should. It's really really tight and he can bend it up but not down. It's still bruised. He is in this new brace thing for three weeks and then he will start physical therapy.
They took x-rays and said that the bone is healing they way the should slowly but healing.

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Boy And His Frog

Boy's will be Boy's won't they? Here is picture of Michael with a frog on his head. He thought it was funny and so I took his picture and here he is......a frog on his head.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Smart Kid's

Well during the first week of school all kid's are given a math placement test to see where they are and if you score high enough then you may advance to the higher math class. So, I am proud to say that Ryan who is in 6th grade this year will be attending 7th grade math AND Marcus who is in the 8th grade will be attending Algebra! I am so proud of those boy's and so is there dad.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dr's Visit

Okay, so we got the MRI done yesterday at 2pm. They change the time of the MRI and a hour later the Orthopedic office calls and asked if I can bring him in today at 11:30am. There's a Dr. There that see's all the football players for Bradshaw. So off we went and because they "squeezed" us in we waited 2 hrs! Anyway, the news is good!! He tore the ligaments in the elbow, has a small fracture and a lot of bruising on and in the arm and bone. I know that sound awful but he does not have to have surgery as of know. The feeling in the fingers is coming back. Don't know if I mentioned it or not last time but the palm of his hand, thumb, index, and middle finger were numb and the other two fingers he said that it felt like there were needles in there. The feeling is all coming back now and they were that way due to all the swelling in the elbow and it was pushing on the nerves. He is in a cast for three weeks. We go back on the 28th of August and will see how it is healing. The Dr. Said that this should heal on it's own in due time with a lot of care and patience. Try telling that to a teenager to be patient. So the cast will allow him not to move the elbow at all. If everything looks okay in three weeks then he will wear a brace for a month. After that then he should be able to join the team. The Dr. Told Aron to keep a mind set that he will not play at all this season and if he heals right and does what he's told then he might play later. Aron has such a great attitude about the whole thing. He's not to bummed, he's still going to practice to help out with what he can and support his team. On Tuesday night reality hit him that there was something seriously wrong with his arm but we didn't know what. I was so sad because he keep on telling me something's not right, it keeps popping out of place. I didn't know what to do for him. I just wanted to fix him and I couldn't. But now he's on his way to being fixed. So here is a picture of him and his new cast. Thanks to everyone who prayed for him and thank God he's doesn't have to have surgery.

The Arm


Aron 8-6-07

The Joy Of Football

The joy of football. Today Aron calls from practice and says that he "thinks" he dislocated his left elbow. Ten minutes to five and we are headed out the door to take Marcus to football practice. So off Dave goes to get Aron and take him to urgent care and off I go to take Marcus to practice.
Dave calls from Urgent Care with results that he did dislocate it but can't tell if he torn the ligaments or not so he will go have a MRI sometime tomorrow. He said by the swelling that it doesn't look good. He's on pain medication.
The funny thing is that he wasn't playing football at the time. Well he was......the were at practice and the football went over the fence he jumped over to get it and when he jumped back over he landed on the elbow. So he's in a splint cast type thing.
I will let you know what the results from the MRI are when we hear. If they are torn then he's out of football for the season if not then he's out for three weeks. The Dr. Seems to think that they are torn because of the swelling and the arm is real loose.
Okay thought I would let you know what was happening here.

Monday, July 16, 2007

My new kitchen table

Yes, I'm showing off my new kitchen table. I know I just a new one a year ago but.....I hated it. So I finally got the guts up to take it back and picked one out that I love.

Boys will be boys

Well here are a few pictures of Aron, his friend Joey, and Marcus playing some football. The boys' play football together at the high school and they just got their practice stuff that day.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A friendly Reunion

Well here we are 18 years later. This is my friend Shanda. I have known her since the 2nd grade. We grew up together in Abilene,Tx. She had to come to Phoenix for a meeting for the week and so the boys and I went down and had dinner with her. It was a lot of fun to see her again and get caught up on life.

Rain Rain DO NOT go away

Finally after years it seems like we got rain yesterday. It was raining so hard. Ryan and Alyssa went and jumped on the trampoline for a while until it started to hail then they came in. The power went out for 4 hours. Needless to say we spent most of our time outside.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Jackie and Jordan

"Baby face you got the cutest little baby face."


Don't ask. He just came crawling into the living room like this. He was stuck!!!
We got him out although we thought we might have to cut him out of it.
Boys will be boys.

We had a wonderful time on the 4th. Dave's sister Sharon manages a hotel in town so we went there for a BBQ and swimming. There was no one else there but then again there was 14 people there. We later went to Sharon's house to watch the fireworks. You can see them really well from her house. It was a fun 4th with our new nephew Richard who is 18. He is Chucks son whom never had anything to do with him. Now that he's 18 he started a relationship with Bill and Betty. He has been at every family function. He's a great kid and it's been nice getting to know him.
Jim and Kiki have moved to Prescott Valley for good. Jim took a job in Phoenix. He will commute until the new baby is born in September. They are going to rent a house for 6 months to a year then buy a house in Anthem which is half way from Prescott Valley and Phoenix. Kiki has never seen fireworks so this year was especially great for her. I'm learning Spanish and she's learning English. I'm so excited that they are here. I can be a Tia (aunt) to Alene and Juan when he gets here.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th Of J U L Y

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bad Jordan Bad!!!

The dog!!! OMG Jordan was worse then any of the 8 kids I had today. I swear I spent more time getting on to her then I did any of the kids.
First she's been jumping on the counter in the kitchen to see if there is any food. So I caught her red handed today with the rest of my grilled cheese sandwich. So I put her in the bathroom for time out. Then put her outside. All summer long she has left the flowers alone. Until today that is..... She dug up 3 of the 8 lilies that were out there. I scold her for it and let her in the house for awhile. Well I decided to let the day care kids run through the sprinklers because it was 101 today. So I get them all ready and think the "smart" thing to do would be leave them in the house and not out back because she may dig up the rest of the flowers. I'm not out there for more then 5 minutes and something tells me to check on her. She managed to chew up my cross stitching hoop and the edge of the side table!!!! So I put her in her kennel while we played outside. By this time she is total pissed at me. I let her out to pee and forget about her while I get the kids ready to leave. Well you guessed it she dug up the rest of the lilies. I am so ready to kill her and get rid of her. Unbelievable!!!! Jackie was never this bad. Jackie dug up a few things but she never acted like this. I feel like getting rid of her then I think of all the money I put into her and second guess it. She will grow out of this......I hope.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Swim Night

Last night I took the boy's to the local swimming pool. Every Thursday night is family night
from 7 to 9 so off we went. Dave took Aron to go see a movie because last week Aron and Marcus got to go swimming with friends and Ryan and Michael had to stay home. Plus Tuesday night Dave took Marcus, Ryan and Michael to a movie when Aron was at football practice. So hopefully they all are even now. The things we do to keep these boys happy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer Fun

My youngest sister Alyssa (11) and Adam (14 months)

Matthew (4) and Ethan (3) eating otter pops~They are cousins

Well the weather is getting hot now and so to keep the kids cool we put down the slip in slide and turned on the sprinklers. They all had a lot of fun keeping cool and eating otter pops. So here are some pictures of a few of the day care kids. There are two more day care kids Gabrielle (6) who is the sister to Matthew and Danika who is also their sister she's 10 months. She was taking a nap. And then there was Michael who is Ethan's brother, he's 10. Not to mention my Michael and Ryan. Aron was at football practice and Marcus was in the house. I will have to post some pictures of the boys.
Tonight was a fun night for me. I play Bunco a dice game with a group of ladies from the school where the boy's go and tonight was my night to host. We had taco's!!! It's a lot of fun to get out once a month and talk to someone over the age of 6. Well I will update more later. I'm going to go to bed. I have a early day tomorrow.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Something New

Okay here is something new that I think everyone will enjoy. I saw this on the internet and hope that everyone will check it out. This will allow me to post pictures and give updates about the boys or Dave and I. Sometimes we don't always have time to sit and write a letter or get pictures printed out so I thought this would be kind of fun. I will do my best to keep it up to date. You know how "new" things always seem to keep up on it and then things die down. But anyway, let's give it a try and see how everyone likes it. There is a place where you can even comment and I can comment back to you. This seems like it will be fun so let me know what you think. Especially for those of you who live far away, you can now keep up with what's new in our life, right mom?
Okay I think I'll post this pass on the web address and then see what kind of feedback I get.
Stay tuned for more later