Friday, August 31, 2007

Flagstaff VS Bradshaw

Despite not playing in the football game Aron went to support the team.
They won 47-14. A totally happy victory!

GO BEARS!!!!!!!

The Newest Bronson

John Paul Bronson entered the world on Monday August 24th at 10:50pm weighing in at 6lb 15oz.

Michael and I went to go and see him at the hospital Tuesday night. He is sooooo cute.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Aron Update

Aron with his brace not really happy about the new brace.
Excuse the mess in the room we are going through his clothes.

Aron had a doctors apt. Yesterday and the news was good. His arm is healing the way it should. It's really really tight and he can bend it up but not down. It's still bruised. He is in this new brace thing for three weeks and then he will start physical therapy.
They took x-rays and said that the bone is healing they way the should slowly but healing.

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Boy And His Frog

Boy's will be Boy's won't they? Here is picture of Michael with a frog on his head. He thought it was funny and so I took his picture and here he is......a frog on his head.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Smart Kid's

Well during the first week of school all kid's are given a math placement test to see where they are and if you score high enough then you may advance to the higher math class. So, I am proud to say that Ryan who is in 6th grade this year will be attending 7th grade math AND Marcus who is in the 8th grade will be attending Algebra! I am so proud of those boy's and so is there dad.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dr's Visit

Okay, so we got the MRI done yesterday at 2pm. They change the time of the MRI and a hour later the Orthopedic office calls and asked if I can bring him in today at 11:30am. There's a Dr. There that see's all the football players for Bradshaw. So off we went and because they "squeezed" us in we waited 2 hrs! Anyway, the news is good!! He tore the ligaments in the elbow, has a small fracture and a lot of bruising on and in the arm and bone. I know that sound awful but he does not have to have surgery as of know. The feeling in the fingers is coming back. Don't know if I mentioned it or not last time but the palm of his hand, thumb, index, and middle finger were numb and the other two fingers he said that it felt like there were needles in there. The feeling is all coming back now and they were that way due to all the swelling in the elbow and it was pushing on the nerves. He is in a cast for three weeks. We go back on the 28th of August and will see how it is healing. The Dr. Said that this should heal on it's own in due time with a lot of care and patience. Try telling that to a teenager to be patient. So the cast will allow him not to move the elbow at all. If everything looks okay in three weeks then he will wear a brace for a month. After that then he should be able to join the team. The Dr. Told Aron to keep a mind set that he will not play at all this season and if he heals right and does what he's told then he might play later. Aron has such a great attitude about the whole thing. He's not to bummed, he's still going to practice to help out with what he can and support his team. On Tuesday night reality hit him that there was something seriously wrong with his arm but we didn't know what. I was so sad because he keep on telling me something's not right, it keeps popping out of place. I didn't know what to do for him. I just wanted to fix him and I couldn't. But now he's on his way to being fixed. So here is a picture of him and his new cast. Thanks to everyone who prayed for him and thank God he's doesn't have to have surgery.

The Arm


Aron 8-6-07

The Joy Of Football

The joy of football. Today Aron calls from practice and says that he "thinks" he dislocated his left elbow. Ten minutes to five and we are headed out the door to take Marcus to football practice. So off Dave goes to get Aron and take him to urgent care and off I go to take Marcus to practice.
Dave calls from Urgent Care with results that he did dislocate it but can't tell if he torn the ligaments or not so he will go have a MRI sometime tomorrow. He said by the swelling that it doesn't look good. He's on pain medication.
The funny thing is that he wasn't playing football at the time. Well he was......the were at practice and the football went over the fence he jumped over to get it and when he jumped back over he landed on the elbow. So he's in a splint cast type thing.
I will let you know what the results from the MRI are when we hear. If they are torn then he's out of football for the season if not then he's out for three weeks. The Dr. Seems to think that they are torn because of the swelling and the arm is real loose.
Okay thought I would let you know what was happening here.