Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bad Jordan Bad!!!

The dog!!! OMG Jordan was worse then any of the 8 kids I had today. I swear I spent more time getting on to her then I did any of the kids.
First she's been jumping on the counter in the kitchen to see if there is any food. So I caught her red handed today with the rest of my grilled cheese sandwich. So I put her in the bathroom for time out. Then put her outside. All summer long she has left the flowers alone. Until today that is..... She dug up 3 of the 8 lilies that were out there. I scold her for it and let her in the house for awhile. Well I decided to let the day care kids run through the sprinklers because it was 101 today. So I get them all ready and think the "smart" thing to do would be leave them in the house and not out back because she may dig up the rest of the flowers. I'm not out there for more then 5 minutes and something tells me to check on her. She managed to chew up my cross stitching hoop and the edge of the side table!!!! So I put her in her kennel while we played outside. By this time she is total pissed at me. I let her out to pee and forget about her while I get the kids ready to leave. Well you guessed it she dug up the rest of the lilies. I am so ready to kill her and get rid of her. Unbelievable!!!! Jackie was never this bad. Jackie dug up a few things but she never acted like this. I feel like getting rid of her then I think of all the money I put into her and second guess it. She will grow out of this......I hope.

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