Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Joy Of Football

The joy of football. Today Aron calls from practice and says that he "thinks" he dislocated his left elbow. Ten minutes to five and we are headed out the door to take Marcus to football practice. So off Dave goes to get Aron and take him to urgent care and off I go to take Marcus to practice.
Dave calls from Urgent Care with results that he did dislocate it but can't tell if he torn the ligaments or not so he will go have a MRI sometime tomorrow. He said by the swelling that it doesn't look good. He's on pain medication.
The funny thing is that he wasn't playing football at the time. Well he was......the were at practice and the football went over the fence he jumped over to get it and when he jumped back over he landed on the elbow. So he's in a splint cast type thing.
I will let you know what the results from the MRI are when we hear. If they are torn then he's out of football for the season if not then he's out for three weeks. The Dr. Seems to think that they are torn because of the swelling and the arm is real loose.
Okay thought I would let you know what was happening here.

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