Friday, September 21, 2007

A bit of bad news

Okay so Aron went to school to let the coach that he would be able to play in the last two games. Well the coach asked if he got a note from the doctor releasing him. He said no and came home to let us know that he needed one.
Well we called the doctor and asked and here is what he said....NO!! He said that is he not totally healed and he is at greater risk of re injuring the elbow even if it's wrapped up and if he hurts it again then he will not only have to start all over but that he will not be able to play baseball this year and possible football next year. The doctor said that if we really want him to play the last two games then he will release him BUT if he re injures the elbow that he will not see him. I guess it's a libality issue. We totally understand where he's coming from and it would be a shame for him to get hurt just for the last two games. He is so bummed but will get over it. He will continue to support the team. He's a true trooper.

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