Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Sunday June 8th
ATV ride
We took the boys on a ATV tour ride. We were the only one's in the group. Dave had Ryan ride with him, I had Michael and Aron and Marcus rode their own. We had the best tour guide. He was so nice and entertaining. At one point he took Michael with him and taught him how to drive the ATV and then Ryan. It was a slow going ride because I rode 2nd behind the tour guide. We rode for 2 hrs. Because boys are boys and they like to go fast at the end of the ride we had to drive down this dirt road that was a mile long. The instuctor sent Dave & I back to the van and he let Aron & Marcus drive way to fast for me to watch down that dirt road. It was a blast. Any guesses what the boys want for Christmas this year? Yeah right!!!

Me, Marcus, Ryan, Michael, Aron & our tour guide.

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