Friday, March 14, 2008

News Overdue

Well I have let time get the best of me and still most of it. The things we do from day to day and people think that since I'm home all day that I have a lot of time on my hands. Wrong! I take care of 6 children. Two two year olds, two three year olds and a five year old half day and then a 7 year old after school on top of my three when they come home from school. Call me crazy but I love it. Anyway, here's the scoop on the past few games for the boys.

Michael had his last basketball game last Saturday. They won!?!? by one point 22-21!
He was on fire this game and had such a great time. He made three baskets. What a way to end the game. Later that day they had a pizza party at Peter Piper Pizza. The coach handed out awards and trophys and Pictures. It was great fun.

Aron had an away game on the 10th. He pitched and they won! 13 to 3. He hit a triple, 2 doubles and struck out. He also had a home game on the 11th. They lost that game by ONE stinking point. They were winning and then they were losing and then they almost caught up thanks to Aron's tripple hit brining in 2 runners. With NO outs. It was a good very close game. 9 to 8

I will try to post a picture of Michael's basketball picture when I get the scanner working. I tried. I can't do it.

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