Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yellowstone National Park

We woke up to it snowing and 25 degress. Our plans for the day were to spend it in Yellowstone. Well we got up packed eveything and went to check out when the lady at the front desk proceeded to tell us that ALL roads and entries to Yellostone were closed...due to SNOW!! In June? So Dave started to make different plans. Well I told Dave let's eat and just wait. It was early and not snowing that much at the Tetons. So we did and it payed off. They cleared the roads and off went. Here are a few pictures of our day there. Not very many animals were out. It's way to cold!! We went to see Old Faithfull and she went off but you couldn't see it very well with all the fog. Maybe another summer when it's clear.

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