Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yes, I know......

Yes, I know it's been FOREVER since I posted. There really is no excuse si I'm not not going to ever try to come up with one. First I need to say "Happy Birthday" to my wonderful husband! You are the best. I love you so much!

Another "Happy birthday" to my son Marcus. He turned 17! I can't believe it. The morning of his birthday I said "Happy birthday. 17 hu? Where did the time go?" He replied "Out the window" As much as I didn't want to realize it, it has. Time went by so darn fast.

Alright let's get started with this cause I have A LOT of typing to do. Aron is doing very well at bootcamp. We are starting to get a letter a week now. They are given alittle more time to write. He is ready to come home and eat,eat, eat!! Missing all the junk food. Dave has sent off a few questionars. He is so creative. Aron said he loves them and so does the guys in his platoon.

There are 2 so I will start with the short one and just give the answer he circle and what he said next to it.

1. How many guys are left in Platoon 1042?
79~ Almost lost one, but he qualifid on the range the 2nd time.

2. Are you over your cold?
Yes, The 1st one ya. But have another one now. But not as bad

3. Any other ilness or injuries?
Yes, Crazy weird rash. I really really need your prayers. I'm being serious.

4. How does Camp Pendleton compare to MCRD?
Worse, It's so dirty and you have to hike instead of march

5. How did you do in swim week?
Good, tough, more so then you think.

6. Do you think you have gained weight?
Weighless, about 5lbs

7. Have you gained muscle?
Can't tell, If I have I have no idea. Lot's of muscle memory and endurance

8. How do you like your haircut?
It's ok. I feel like I look funny.

9. What has been your favorite activity?
Chruch/square away time. Haha, no the rifle range

10. What have you gotten in the most trouble for?
Talking to the DI's like they were my friends they say..hahah...Sometimes your so tired your not even thinking.

11. Do you like your M-16?
Love it and hate it

12. When you answer your DI what do you say?
Yes Sir, or Aye, Aye Sir.

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