Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's a winning weekend

Megan Garrett & Mark Hall from Casting Crowns
The Afters
Sanctus Real

Ok so this summer I played the 106 days of summer with a local radio station KPPV The Mix 106.7FM I had the chance to win a $3,000 dollar travel vochure from AAA. I came in 2nd place.
I recieved a free nights stay at an Inn's Suite plus 4 AZ diamondback/Gaints tickets!
The following week I won 4 tickets the Come To The Well Tour featuring Casting Crowns,
The Afters, Sancuts Real & Lindsey McCaul. Then they had a grand prize drawling for meet & greet passes. Guess what?!?! Yep I won those as well!
These events took place on the same weekend so we spent Friday & Saturday night in Phoenix. Just the boys & I. Dave had to work. So my friend Sharon & her friend Val went to the concert with me.


Leah said...

CHRIS!!!!!! I'm jealous of....well, it all, but so glad you had fun!!!! I miss baseball games, even if we didn't go all the time.

What fun about the bands!!! I love some music by The Afters. Kids are more jealous than me. LOL

Great pictures and remind me to ask for your help if I ever gamble..you have good luck. J/K :P

Leah said...

OKay...showed kids the pictures and responses were;

AWWWWW......(wiping drool off mouth. LOL)