Monday, April 2, 2012

It's been awhile

Well it looks like it's been a few months since I posted last. I guess I should catch up. Let's see. Aron got married :)  My dad turned 60 and he got married :)  And Marcus got a job. He is working at Fuddruckers. He loves it...........for now. Acutually he does like it and getting his first pay check was good for him.

We are getting close to school being done. I cant believe that Michaeal will be in high school. He is enjoying finishing up his last year at Franklin. We started going to that school when it opened back in
1996. All my boys have attented there.

Ryan will finish 10th grade. It's amazing how time is. I really feel like their 4 yrs in high school is like 2 yrs. It really goes by that fast.

Marcus is graduating in May. He will graduate with 24 college credits so he will get his AA at Yavapai in a year instead of 2. Then he will head up to Flagstaff to get his teaching degree. He has applied for a lot of scholarships so we are praying that his is blessed with a few.

Other then that not much else has been going one.  Thanks for checking in

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Leah said...

Okay...I know I read this a while back, but I must have forgotten to comment. :P

Great update! Can't hardly believe half your kids are going to be out of school...amazing how time flies.

Talk to you soon!