Friday, February 29, 2008

A Minor Procedure

When we went sledding Marcus had a minor encounter with a tree branch that was buried under the snow. What looked like a small hole on the inside of his thumb turned out to be more then we thought. When he slid down the hill and complained of sore thumb all we could see was a small hole. We just blew it off but he keep complaining about it hurting. So we looked at it and didn't see anything. I could feel something there and he would flinch. So we waited it out for a few days. Not what I wanted to do but then again I have a tendency to overreact sometimes. Dave keep saying if there's something in there it will fester up and come out. Well now it's Thursday and his thumb and palm of his hand is starting to swell. I made him an appointment and took him to the Dr. today. When we told the Dr. about what happened she could tell that there was indeed something in there. She said that there was infection in the hand and that was causing the swelling. So she numbed the thumb and made a small incision cutting deeper and deeper until she finally hit what was in there. She pulled it out and there was a good size thorn in there. He is on antibiotics now for the infection and has a small incision in his thumb. He was such a trooper. She couldn't believe that he went that long with it in his thumb. He must have a high pain tolerance. When Dave heard all that happened he felt so bad. All is forgiven now and Marcus is on the mend. Here are a few pictures.

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