Sunday, February 24, 2008

Things that go bump

Well I have learned a valuable lesson on going with your gut feeling. Yesterday had to run to Michaels return some things and then run to Walmart. While I ran into Michael's I left Aron, Marcus, Noah and Joey in the car for a second. Noah is Marcus's friend and Joey is Aron's friend. Okay so I come out of the store and see Aron in the drivers seat. I know where this is leading. He wants to drive the NEW suburban. Well I say no and my gut says no but I finally give in. Walmart is only around the corner right? Well we make it to Walmart but when he went to pull into the parking spot the pulled in to fast and BAM the hit the parked car next to us. Hitting the bumper and pushing the car into the car in front of it. Not Good. Oh my gosh what do I do? People are stearing and the cart pusher is out there watching. I just had to sit and get myself together. Well we waited for a good 45minutes for the owner to come out but they never did. The lady who was parked in front of the other car came out and backed out and there was no damage to her car so she left. Thank God! So I decided to leave a note on the ladies car with what happened and my name and cell phone number. We went into Walmart to get some stuff done. On the way home the lady called and was just so thankful that I left a note and I was so thankful that she was nice about the whole thing. She met me at the Fry's parking lot so we could exchange info. I was hoping that she would let us just pay for it out of our pocket so it doesn't go on our insurance. If it does then our rate for Aron would go out the roof. So I get there and I see the lady and she see's me and we both start laughing. It was one of the teachers from the school that our kids go to. Imagine that. She is going to let us just pay for it out of our pocket. I am so happy! Aron on the other hand will have to pay us back someday when he gets a job. A lesson learned for me and him. He will not drive either of the Suburbans! Just the jeep.

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