Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baseball games

Well the season has started and I will try to keep this updated but most of the time we get home late and all I want to do is climb into bed and go to sleep. I play catch up on house work and work at home with the kido's so it's hard to update all the time.
Aron will have his last home game tomorrow night and then he has one away game next week, then he's done. He had a great season and will continue to play summer ball and fall ball. He is going to just focus on playing ball. No football next year he says. He has joined a couple of softball teams here in town so he is managing to stay busy. Plus he's helping his dad coach Marcus's junior little league team when he has time.
Marcus has played three games so far. Saturday they lost 14 to 7. They played Tuesday night and won 14 to 1. Then they played Wednesday night and lost 11 to7. The weather has been cold and windy but that is Prescott for ya!
Michael is also playing little league Minors. He has had two games. He played Tuesday night and they lost 6 to 5. Then he played tonight (thurs) and they lost again 10 to 5. Maybe next time they will win.
So our week was busy. Monday we had nothing, Tuesday Marcus had a 5 oclock game. Michael had a 5:30 game and Aron was away to Flagstaff where they got a butt whooping 20 to 7!
Wednesday Marcus had a 6:30 game. Thursday Michael had a 7:30 game and Friday we have nothing! Yay!!!! Until next week. Have a good one.

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