Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Family Reunion

Jackie's mom Elly Her brother Gringo

Her sister Dulca All of them checking her out
Well Jackie will be three years old on the 26th and it's been three years since she's seen her mom and brother. Her dad died about 6 months ago. So she had a vet apt for her yearly check up and we made a play date for her to see her mom and brother. She got a wonderful treat because her sister was there too. Here are some pictures of her family. Her mom didn't like her much at all. They were all over her. For some odd reason her mom nipped her on the eye. I didn't see it really until I looked at my pants that there was blood on them from her eye. Her whole eye was covered in blood with it dripping off her nose. She just bit her on the eyelid. She's fine now. Anyway, here are some pictures.

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