Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Las Vegas, Nevada

So I added two pictures and they ended up here. I can't figure out how to get them to the bottom so I'm going to have to leave it like this. It's driving me nuts because it's not how I want them but oh well.

This is a picture of all the kids September of 2006. I didn't get one of all of them this time.
L to R in the back: Marcus, Cassie, Junior, Aron & Danisha
L to R in front: Michael, Makayla & Ryan

Aron, Marcus, Uncle Gary, Aunt Mel, Michael, Ryan & Dave

We wanted to leave early Friday morning but that didn't happen. We left our house at 11:00am. On the road to our first stop in Las Vegas, NV. We spent one night with Dave's Aunt and Uncle. His cousin owns a knife shop so we stopped there to visit. We all drove to their house to put their dogs in the crate before we al went to CiCi's Pizza Buffett. While we were at the house the kids all wanted to ride with each other so Norma took Aron, and Michael and three of her kids, while we took Marcus, Ryan and one of their sons. We set the alarm and shut the door got in the car and started to back out when Marcus asks "Where's Michael?" We pull back in, I get out and tap on Norma's window and ask her if she has Michael. Nope she doesn't. Then we start to walk to the door when Michael walks out of the house. Can you believe that we almost left him there. He was in the bathroom. He said he walks out of the bathroom and it's all quite and the lights are off and he say's "Hello....."

We then went to pizza where we met his Aunt & Uncle. So it was us (6) Gary & Norma and their five kids. Aron and one of their girls Cassie decided to see who could eat the most pizza. They are nuts and I could not believe the amount of pizza that they ate. Aron won with eating 15 pieces and Cassie ate 13.

We left the pizza place and went back to the house where the kids played and the adults played a card game called Golf.

Welcome to Las Vegas, NV

Marcus & Collin

Aron trying to get out of Colins car.

Michael & Makayla

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