Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Season Is Over

Michael at bat
Michael pitching

Marcus in the outfield

Marcus up to bat for the last time!
Well I can't say that the season went by slow cause it didn't! It flew like a lot of the balls that were hit this season. Yes, I know I kept you up to date on most of the games but I just got really busy there at the end and didn't keep up, and before I knew it we were done.
Here's is are some pictures of the boys up to bad and playing ball. Marcus swing the bat for the last time ever....hitting a double and making it home.
No more little league for him. Just Michael is left to play and I know that it is going to go by a lot faster then I want it to. That is just the way life is.
Stay tuned for updates and pictures of Aron as he is still playing summer ball. Michael will start football soon and with Marcus on the Varsity Football team this year I will have lot's to post.

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Leah said...

Looking good boys!