Friday, July 17, 2009

Knee surgery

Resting at home
Ready for surgery

Marcus had to have knee surgery on Wednesday morning for a torn meniscal in his knee. We aren't quit sure exactly how it happened. He had been telling us that his knee had some pain but we had just put if off and kept an eye on it.
He went for a yearly check up on a Monday. The Doc ordered a MRI and he had that done on Tuesday. By Friday he had an apt with the Orthopedic surgeon. He was scheduled for surgery for the following Wedneday.

We are thinking that he did this last year during the football season. He had a knee injury playing football and was on crutches for a sprained knee for 4 weeks. He had time to rest and then the first game back he broke his collar bone. Therefore he was out for the rest of the season. Then he went back to work out for the summer and started practice for football. That is when it started hurting.

The Doc said that there was a 90% chance that he will just go in there and cut out the piece that was torn. That would give him a lot quicker recovery. Meaning the surgery would be on Wednesday and start physical theraphy on the following Monday and be ready to play football for the season.

There was a 10% chance that he would have to actually sew the piece together and he would have a lot longer recovery. 6weeks on crutches then physical theraphy. The chances of him playing the season are slim.

The Doc wouldn't know which one would have to be done until he actually got in there and took a look. Well the results are that he had to sew the meniscal back together. Which means a lot longer recovery but better for his knee for his lifetime.

He was a bit disappointed but knows that it is best in the long run. The surgery and recovery went well. He has been planted on the couch and only get's up to use the restroom. He's been on pain meds but today has been a really good day. He is starting to go longer between pain meds. He naps off and on and has had some visitors come by with treats.

He has a follow up apt with the Doc on Wednesday the 29th. I will keep you posted.

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