Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Look what's cookin

Ryan making BBQ meatballs

Uncooked meatballs

Finished product! They got to them before I took the picture.
Ryan has been asking to make dinner. I would love for him to learn but sometimes I just have the attitude of just let me do it and get it done. But I've decided to let him cook something every once in awhile. He made these all by himself. I just stood over his shoulder and made sure he did it right. They came out really good!


Stephanie said...

Wow - looks good! I know exactly about "just let me do it", but I also am hoping at some point to teach August and Grace to cook so they can survive when they leave home!!! Of course, I have a LOOONNNGGG time for that, so until then - I GET to do it by myself!!!! :)

Sarah said...

Ryan, you can come cook for us anytime!!! You'll have to add this recipe to your blog so the rest of us can try! What did he serve these with?