Thursday, September 3, 2009


Waiting to go in to the game

Michael is all the way to the L #52
Warming up before the game

Michael is the 2nd from the right
Michael in the huddle #52

*Posting these pictures and trying to move them around is like working a chinesse puzzle!!*

Last weekend was the football Jamboree for our town. This is Michael's first year playing. I know I know I know. Why would be put him in football with all the other injuries we've had in football.

Anyway, it was a fun lonnnnggg day for everyone. We arrived at 9 am. First game started at 1030. Second game started at 1230. Third game started at 230. Fourth game started at 430.

He does really well for his first year. He's on a team that has won the championship for that past 4 years. The coaching is great and they play hard.

The weather was nice and warm. Thanking God for a breeze otherwise it would of been really hot. Later in the day for game 3 for about an hour it clouded up and rained a bit so that was a nice cool down for the boys.

Games start on September 12th! Will keep you posted on them.

Pray for NO injuries!!!


Leah said...

We will pray for no seems to be a trend in your family though. :) J/K

Sarah said...

Busy! Busy! Busy!!! You remind me of my mom...running from game to game when all of us kids were in school! Enjoy every minute of it!!!!!! GO MICHAEL!!!!