Thursday, October 1, 2009

My uneventfull evening

To say that my evening was uneventfull would be an understatement! Ok so I'm ill. Really I am. It's 6pm and my last day care has left. Marcus calls. Proceeds to tell me that he left his football bag in Aron's car. So I did what every mother would do. I went to get it.

So I get to Fry's and drive up and down every isle looking for the car. I don't see it so I go in and look around for him. I don't see him so I called him and he says he got off early and is at home.

Oh Geeze!! In the meantime I'm getting text from Marcus saying "Now?" "Are you close?" So I got home and got the bag. Drive all they way back to the school and drop off the bag.

In the meantime my fuel light has come on. So after I give him the football bag I headed over to Fry's to get gas. I get halfway home and Marcus calls. "Where's my white jersey?" You've go to be kidding me, heck if I know your the one who packed your bag. I ask him if he needs it and he says yes that he can't pratice without it.

Home again I go. Get the jersey and back to the school I head! At this point I want to just kill the kid! Back home I go only to turn around 45 min later to pick him up from practice! It's now 8:40pm and I am finally home.

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Sarah said...

By 8:40, I would have killed him! LOL ~ just kidding. The things we moms do for our kids!?!?!?!