Monday, January 7, 2008

The Weather & A Worried Mom

We woke up to rain and snow showers this morning. More rain at my house then the snow. But the roads were icy. Well Aron had to ride the bus this morning since the weather was so bad plus he can't drive the jeep until he gets his math grade up. Well I send him off to the bus stop at 6:45am in the pouring rain. I feel so sorry for him. While getting the other kids ready for school the news on the radio comes on and says that Prescott is on a 2hr school delay. Since our principle lives in Prescott they go by the Prescott Unified School district schedule not the Humbolt School District. Anyway, I hear this loud crash and then a desiel truck running. It sounds like it's right outside my door. I look outside and for those of you who don't know where I live theres a hill that you have to come down and then it curves and we are the second house just around the curve. Well the house before us has a semi in the road and it's well... was pulling a huge tractor trailer and the tractor trailer in now in the neighbors yard and the semi is in the middle of the road, and where's the bus? Behind the tractor. There is no way that bus is going to be able to turn around. Oh my gosh the only thing I could think of was Aron standing in the rain. So I got into the car and drove down to the bus stop the other way which is about 7 house down. There he was waiting for the bus. All wet. Poor guy. So I got him to school and back to the house 20 minutes later to find the semi parked in front of my house and cops everywhere. The bus finally got to pass. I got my son to school on time and those on the bus were late. Not their fault I know but anyway. My poor neighbor just has had bad luck these past few months. First he lost his job then Marcus broke their window and now this.

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