Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Aron

Happy 19th Birthday Aron
(your were 16 in this picture)
Today you turn Marine bootcamp! I hope that your day is a happy one. Although I'm sure it will be full of of workouts, screaming and push ups. This day you will never forget. Spending it somewhere other then home. But I sure hope you know that we are thinking about you.
We love you so much!
Happy birthday Aron, sending you lot's of love, hugs and prayers.


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to you, Aron!!! You look like a little boy in this picture! LOL

Leah said...

This is what they sing at our church to anyone having a birthday and I shall sing it as I type:

A happy birthday to you
A happy birthday to you
May you find Jesus here
Every day of the year
A happy birthday to you
A happy birthday to you
And the best you've every had!!!

Yes, I quietly sang as I typed. LOL

Happy Birthday, Aron. And happiness to you momma as you made it through celebrating the first birthday of a child away from home.

I'm proud of both him and you!!!