Monday, October 4, 2010

O-R-E-O cookies & tears

Oh, oh, oh, ice cold milk
and an Oreo cookie
They forever go together,
what a classic combonation,
when a dark, delicious cookie,
meets an icy cold sensation,
like the one and only creamy,
crunchy, chocolate, o-r-e-o!
Yesterday I went grocery shopping and it was the first real BIG trip I have done since Aron has left. When you shop you have a lot of thinking time. I started seeing things that reminded me of him and I started to get a bit sad. Aron is in L-O-V-E with O-R-E-O cookies!
I went to Safeway and saw oreo cookies. I went to Albertsons and saw oreo cookies. Then I went to Fry's and saw oreo cookies. UGH!!
I was trying to keep it together and almost lost it when I saw Tania. I was just quite and had lost my mind when I gave the cashier the wrong stack of coupons. Every coupon she asked did you get this? Did you get that? I just stopped and said I'm sorry my mind is elsewhere. Here is the correct stack of coupons. Then Tania asked me if I was alright and I just lost it. Right there in the store. In front of everyone. The poor cashier lady looked at me and asked me if I was alright. The she looks at Tania who now has started to cry. Then the cashier looks at Aron's friend who is bagging at the next station and Riley says, I didn't do it. That's when we kinda started to laugh.
Tania took my grocery's out for me and we chatted a bit. I just wonder if the tears will ever end. I'm sure they will at some point. Or at least I hope they do. A lot of this emotion comes from missing him. His birthday is Thursday and then there's Thanksgiving. All of it without him.
I can't WAIT for Dec 16th!! 73 more days!!


Leah said...

More hugs...

Keri Jo said...

Aron is so lucky to have such an awesome mom like you. I'm sure you will bring him OREO's in Dec attached with this story to know how much he's loved and missed :)

Sarah said...

aawww....Chris! Wish I was there to give you a big hug!!! ~~ AND to go shopping with you to keep you away from that darn cookie isle!!! Love you!