Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Phase 1 Questionnaire

Dave sent Aron this questionnaire. With having little or no time to really write he thought it would be easier if he wrote him the questions and gave him options to choose from. So here it is. Keep in mind this was done in the first few weeks of boot camp. so I'm sure his opion will change with the next questionnaire. Enjoy!

1. How bad do your feet hurt?
none- bad- real bad- they are numb

A: Bad, Lot's of running

2. Are these guys in your platoon?
Castle- Fede- Neither (these guys Aron got to know while still here in PV while attending PT which is Physical training)

A: Castle & Fede~ Awesome!

3. Is boot camp harder than you thought?
No- yes- heck yes!

A: Heck yes~ Do everything impossibly fast

4. Where are you compared to other guys in physical fitness?
back of the pack- front of the pack- middle of the pack

A: middle of the pack

5. Hows the food?
Ok- good- great- bad- aweful

A: Ok~ Not that I have time to taste

6. How many push ups have you done?
A few- a lot- tons- infinity

A: infinity

7. How are the DI's?
Ok- kind and loving- ball busters

A: Ball busters~ I hate them!

8. Are you still glad you joined?
No- kind of- yes- not sure

A: Kind of~ Letters! And reassurance of Tania helps a whole lot!

9. How tired are you?
I'm not- A little- A lot- to tired to know

A: A lot

10. How much time off do you get on Sundays?
All day- couple hours- Almost none

A: Almost none~ Church. That's it.

11. Have you been issued a M-16?
Yes- No

A: Yes~ An m16A4

12. Have any guys beed dropped or quit?
None- a couple- a bunch

A: A bunch~ Started with 120 now 78


Sarah said...

What a great idea!! I had to giggle at some of the answers!!! Way to go Aron, you're getting there! ~ I'm proud to have YOU serve my country!!!

Leah said...

Great idea!