Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A snow day

Michael throwing a snowball at me
Jackie loves the snow

Jackie and Michael

Earlier in the afternoon.

The weather has been really cold and last night it FINALLY snowed!! Prescott got 6 to 8 inches and we got about 4inches. That is just a guess. The kids of course had a snow day and were very excited. Today(Tuesday) is Dave's day off so he took all the boys to see a movie. I cleaned house and am doing day care for two boys. Here are a few pictures of earlier in the day and later last night. Another storm is expected this weekend.


Leah said...

How fun for you guys!!! We know the feeling. It's 70 out and some tornados have hit north of us. Such fun! :P ~Leah

Leah said...

p.s. We're fine though... just heavy rain. From snow to rain in two weeks...weird OK weather. **giggle** ~Leah