Monday, February 2, 2009

San Fran in a day

Lumbar ST.
Eating dinner

Riding the trolly

Oh YUM!!

Michael and some weird guy!! LOL

Playing games
Marcus on the BIG ship

Dave in the submarine.

Having lunch

Taking a boat ride

The bread factorytour

The boys in San Fran

Riding the trolly.....again.

we took the stairs to the outside. Think it was a bit crapped?

In San Fran we went down to the Peir. We did a lot in one day! We took a tour of the Boudin bread factory. Went to the Wax musuem. Took a boat ride. Had lunch. Toured a submarine and a BIG ship. Walked everywhere and rode the trolly up and down a few time just to do it. We also went to a "Old fashion" game room. Walk to the Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory. We had a great time.

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