Friday, February 13, 2009

Not What I Expected

You know as a parent we just "assume" that things will always be the same. Aron has played baseball his whole life and when high school came I assumed that he would continue to. And he has. He played freshman year and sophmore year and now junior year. With Marcus same thing. He played every year of Little League and now he's out of little league. He tried out for freshman baseball at the high school. "Assuming" he would make the team yesterday my heart was broken when he told me that the he didn't make the team. My first intial thought was "What? Are they crazy?" "Don't they know how talent he is?" I am so bummed out for him. I guess as a parent you want your children to succeed in life and do what they want and be on that team. This will be the first year that he hasn't played baseball. Makes me sad. He on the other hand was upset but has a great additude about it. He will become an umpire for the Little League and umpire games this season. He will beable to make some extra money doing that. Plus he can continue to work on working out for football. Like Dave said you dont' see very many big guys in the MLB(major league baseball) You see big guys in the NFL(national football league)

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