Saturday, February 7, 2009

Concert Date Night

Aron and me

Me and Marcus

Aron, Me & Marcus waiting for the concert to start.

Playing games.....don't ask!!

Aron and Marcus racing......Marcus won.

Marcus and I at Johnny Rockets

I took Aron and Marcus on a date last night. We went to Campe Verde to see Capital Lights in concert. Aron got there CD at the Christian book store not to long ago. They are really good. Also with them were Philmont and Rotterdam November but they were unale to play because the lead singer lost his voice. It was held at Parkside Community Church. First we went to dinner at Johnny Rockets. We ate and then we went and played a few games. When we got to the church it was surprised at how many people weren't there. There was about 100 kids. Then the closer to time more screaming teenage girls showed up. Needless to say we sat in the chairs and watched the goofy teenagers and listened to the music. It was a lot of fun. LOUD!!!! It was a good time to spend with my boys.

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