Thursday, March 26, 2009

My heart is so full of joy

So we had the Dodd's (Dave's cousin) here for the weekend and on Saturday night Aron, Junior, and 2 of the oldest Dodd girls all went to the 180(a music/drama scene our church does) After the 180 Aron and Junior were invited to go to Rebecca Drennen's house. I was acutally surprised that he wanted to go. They went from 10 to midnight. He said he had such a fun time. He got to meet alot of new kids from church and just hang out.

Sunday after we had lunch with the Dodd's he and Junior went to play volleyball with some of the kids. I have been sick the whole weekend with a really bad sinus cold. I have not gotten much rest because of staying up late with company.

Sunday morning I felt just horrible but I still went to church and out to lunch. I came home to rest. We saw the Dodd's off and I WASN'T going to go to church. I was just going to stay home and go to bed early BUT.....God really convicted me. He said "You weren't well this morning but still went to church, so you can go tonight" So I went.

It' a good thing I went because you are never going to believe what happened. Pastor pulled the alter call and I had my head bowed. Ryan tapes my on the shoulder and with tears in his eyes askes my if he is to young to go up and get saved. I said no, raise your hand. He asked if I would go up there with him and I said yes.

I walked up there with him but asked the usher to find a guy to pray with him. So the Rossa guy who's married to the Kleefish girl went up there and prayed with him. I was so excited for him.

My heart is just so full of joy and happiness. But wait it get's better!!!!I'm standing talking to Leanne when Brent Brooks walks up to me and says so you want to see these? He hands me 3 convert cards. My first thought was of he's showing me all 3 cards as to say look all 3 of your boys are all saved now. But when I took them he looked at me and said " These are all from tonight" I said "Aron and Marcus prayed?" He said yes tonight 3 of you sons got saved. I'm just so excited for them. My heart is full of joy. I couldn't believe it. God is so good and I am forever grateful that he is still in the saving business!!

After church I asked Marcus if he prayed and he said yes that he jut felt like it was time. Aron said that Michael Galvin had talked to him Saturday night. So he said that he asked him if he wanted to pray and Aron said yes.

Amazing, simply amazing. God is so wonderful.


Family said...

My heart is so full of joy for you!!! God is faithful. ~Leah

Stephanie Wegner said...

How very exciting! It makes you glad to know we serve a very FAITHFUL and gracious God!

Keri Jo said...

Hello, just checking in! I'm so excited to hear about your boys getting saved!! Tender hearts in big decision making years, not to mention the last days!