Thursday, March 5, 2009

What the heck?

Have you ever done something that your husband or friends have NEVER let you forget about? Okay well many years ago my husband bought a old chevy truck from his grandpa. I liked to drive that truck. One day I took it for a spin to the bank. Well as much as I hate to admit it I got a little close to a poll. Yep you guessed it I sort of scraped the side of the truck. It was just a small dent on the side of the truck. But everytime Dave tells the story the dent always seems to get bigger and bigger. I can't imagine why! LOL
So the other day I meet him at Aron's baseball game and pulled up next to his car to park. I notice that there is a small dent and a bunch of yellow paint on the back side of his suburban. I slowly examine the car and say "Hmmm either someone hit your dads car or he backed into something." Marcus pipes up and says "Oh no, mom dad backed into the poll at work." "He just hasn't said anything to you yet." So we walk to the field and I look at him and say. "Did you forget to tell me something?" He just looks at me and says "like what?" I say, "the car" He says "oh yeah, that." " Well I backed into the guardrail at work." Then he looks at me and says "I won't tell you the worst part." I just look at him like "okay" Then he says "I hit it twice." I just died laughing. He will NEVER EVER live this one down.


Sarah said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! I laughed so hard I was crying!! Thanks for making my day.....Dave!! LOL ~~ Dave, don't feel too bad, Aaron backed into a pole and took out the tail light ;)

Keri Jo said...

LOL!! I didn't tell Casey about the dent I did about a year ago either until he found it for himself a month later!!