Thursday, March 5, 2009

Boy's and their guns!

Awhile back the boys got together with a bunch of other boys to have a air soft war. At first they said that there was only going to be about 8 of them. Well 16 boys turned out for this air soft war. First we went o Stoneridge but there were to many people. So we all loaded up in cars and drove to Seven mile gulch. There was no one there and it was out in the woods so they had free range of the forest. One of the other moms showed up which was nice and stayed with me. I had brought a book to read and was just going to stay in the car, "just in case." I had bought a bunch of water and gatorades for them. Brenda's husband came out and brought the boys pizza. They played for about 3hrs. They had so much fun. And no one got hurt.

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