Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break: Monday and Tuesday

Monday: We didn't do much. Dave took the day off. Good thing because he helped me out by taking Michael to the dentist. I had day care. Aron had baseball practice. Marcus had his friend Garrett over. Dave worked outside on his bricks. He's changing somethings around out front.

Tuesday: Aron had a game in Phoenix. Dave and Marcus went down the hill to watch the game. Ryan,Michael and I stayed home. I did day care.

What a day.......for some reason lately my day care boys have done nothing but annoy each other. It's only Tuesday and I thought for sure I was going to pull my hair out with those two. So, we went outside to play. The weather was so beautiful. We went to the park to feed the ducks. They really liked that. Then we came home and I fixed lunch. Then it was time for that glorious sound of silence.....NAPTIME!!!

My friend Sharon and her daughter came over and we had lunch together. She left to take care of some things. She came back for the evening for dinner. Well I had to go get dog food and her daughter was going into town to sleep over at her friends house. We went to the vet in PV to get the dog food. Once again they raised the price of the dog food. I was like that is crazy. We get the food in PV because it's closer. We take Jackie to Prescott to see the vet, so I called the vet in Prescott since we were going to town anyway. The lady told me the price there and it was like $20 cheaper. I turn around and return the food to the vet in PV. I get halfway into town and call them back to have the go ahead and pull the food. When I do this the lady tells me that the price is the same as what I just paid the vet in PV. I told the lady no I just talked to someone there and she told me this price and that I had just got if from PV and returned it. I told her that I was on my way into town to pick it up from their office. Crazy!!! We get Sharon's daughter dropped off and head to the vet. When I go in the lady just keep apologizing to me telling me that she quoted me the wrong price. I told her it was okay we all make mistakes. But God is good cause I was totally blessed with the wrong price she quoted me.!!! It was worth the drive into town. I know I won't get it again for that price but I will take it this once.

We head back to PV and get home to make a yummy dinner!!! A bacon chicken crescent ring!!

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