Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bradshaw wins 12-3

Oh my gosh!! Last nights game was played in some of the most horrible weather that I have ever seen. I can't believe that they had these boys play. The weather was cold 45 degress. The winds were about 50mph!! It rained off and on.
The other team, bless their hearts, were from Page. They were freezing. The game took 3hrs to play. They had to stop everytime the wind would blow or a dust cloud would come through.
Marcus and Dave said outside. Froze their butts off. Ryan and Michael were the smart ones and sat in the car. I on the other hand had it easy. I worked in the cocession stand. Not that we were busy at all but I got to watch the game "from inside"
Aron caught a line drive in the outfield got 2 singles and 2 RBI'S got walked and hit.
So besides the weather. The game was good.

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