Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Man meets fence~ Bradshaw loses last game

Well the season is over for Aron! Yesterday was his last game here at home agaist Minus. Needless to say they took quite the beating. Those boys hit home runs left and right yesterday! Aron has had a great season. Out of how many games and this it the only picture I have of him batting.
What kind of mother am I?
Dave and I try really hard to make it every game the boys have. We managed to make it to all but 4 which were away.
Okay so Aron plays center field. The other team hits the ball. Aron is running toward the fence you can see it in the background. It has yellow on it. Yeah that's padding for when you run into it you don't get hurt I guess.
Anyway, he's running after this ball, it's going to go over the fence. He is running full speed. And then "WHAM O" he run so hard into the fence. The ball hit's the top of his glove and over the fence it goes!
It was like time stopped just for a few seconds. He's laying on the ground, everyone in the stands stand up and watch him. The players on the field just stand there. We are all waiting for him to get up. Everything and everyone is quite........
He get's up and and it's like everything started again. Everyone claps and he waves to say "I'm okay" Then the game remains.
Until the inning is over you see the blood starting to seep through his pants and he keeps wipping his face.
The inning is over and they come to the dug out. The game over. They lose 12-6(i think maybe more)
He get's home and his injuries are fence marks(scratches) on his forhead, his nose swollen with a some skin missing, a some skin missing under his nose. His right knee really torn up and his left knee buised. And a headache.
I guess it could of been worse. I felt so bad for him. He was mad at himself for not catching the ball. But he tried. I'm glad he's okay

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