Saturday, April 4, 2009


While we were away at the game. Jackie got into the trash can in the day care room. This is what I came home to. The trash can lid stuck around her neck.

It was funny but the more I think about it, it could of been fatal! She knew right away that she was in trouble.


Just look at her face. If she could talk "Take the picture already, would ya?"


Sarah said...

Oh My Gosh!! What a silly dog! I hope Jackie found what she was looking for.....and that it was WORTH the struggle!!!!! ~ Glad she is OK!

Raigan: "What a wierdO!""

Leah said...

Too much!! My mom used to say that a dog they had years ago was like having another child around...this post proves that is still true sometimes.

Goofy dog!! I'm glad she didn't get hurt. That would have been so sad for you guys.