Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here we go......

Well with Little League season in full bloom here we go with busy days!!! I just feel the need to let everyone else know how my "busy" day was yesterday and send me some pitty my way. LOL Yeah okay well I know it's my choice and I acutually like being busy. Keeps me sane
(I think)
First off since Marcus's team was a last minute team put together they have no numbers on their shirts. I had to take them all to the guy who is putting the numbers on. Then home.
Dave went off to Cottonwood to watch Aron's game. I went and picked up Marcus from school. Then we ran an errand. Then we drove to pick up Michael and Ryan. Then we stopped by my dad's house to say hi. We get home, Ryan reminds me that he needs to go to the library to pick up a book for his report. So in reality I SHOULD of taken him to the library instead of visiting my dad. Anway, we get home and I have to take Michael and Marcus to baseball practice. And pick up a kid from the team. It's 430 when we get home.
Can Michael find his baseball pants?!?!? Can they ever find what they need when your in a hurry? UGH!! Marcus gets ready, puts Jackson(day care kid) in the car. Ryan, Michael and I are frantically looking for his pants. FINALLY we found them.
It's 450 now and we are off to drop Ryan off at the library and pick up Trevor(team mate) So we make it to the library. Drop off Ryan. Now we are on our way to pick up Trevor. Trevor calls and says he doesn't need a ride now. We turn around and head to the field to drop off Marcus who's practice starts at 5pm. We get there and there is no one there. I call the coach, no practice starts at 530.
We head to Pronghorn Ranch to drop off Michael who's practice started at 5pm. We get there at 520. I drop him off and head back to the fields to drop off Marcus. I get there at 540.
Dave calls and says he's back in town and is headed over to help out with Marcus's practice. I head to the library to pick up Ryan. Now I'm on my way to drop Jackson off at home at 6pm.
Ryan and I head back to Pronghorn to pick up Michael who's practice got over at 7pm.
Now we head home to fix a quick dinner. Top ramen and grilled cheese it is!!
Crazy hu?!?! And it's JUST starting. I tell ya the life with 4 boys and their sports.
Stay tuned for more crazy days coming your way, or is it my way?

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