Saturday, May 2, 2009

Giants lose 3-2 NOT by choice

Of all the years of watching my boys play Little League, I have never seen a game so intense and ALMOST end in fight. Until last night that is.
The game last night was one that we thought would never end. It was tied 2-2 for 7 innings. The umpire, whom we know personally through Little League is a flake and not really a good guy. His calls last night were somewhat fair. Neither good or bad for both teams. That was until the last play of the game.
Picture this....a guy on 2nd and 3rd. Two outs. The batter hits the ball and the guy on third runs home. He is a good 2 feet away from the base not even coming close to the plate. Marcus catches the ball and tags him "plain as day" O-U-T!!!
The umpire calls him S-A-F-E!!!
The crowd goes wild. Marcus throws off his mast and yells at the umpire, he's out. He clearly has the ball in his glove. He is in tears. As all this goes down people are yelling at the umpire. Our whole team aproches him, our coach comes running full speed up to him. I thought for sure he was going to deck him.
Dave has to come over and break everything up. The umpire doesn't act well either. He throws his mask at the fence and storms off.
It was one stressful game. The other team won by a poor call. But that's baseball.

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