Monday, May 11, 2009

Welcome back Kotter Tide

So long Sun!!!
Okay so I tried it. I didn't like it! It just didn't have that fresh clean smell that Tide has. For some reason I found myself putting a a full cup and a half into the washer to "make sure" that my clothes would get clean. Putting 6 towels in instead of 8.

Some shirts I hang to dry and they would always smell so clean when they were hanging. With Sun, they didn't.

Saturday I took all 9 of the bottles back. I got enough money back to buy 1, yes just 1 bottle of Tide.

It is SO worth it.I'm so glad to have Tide back with us.

Welcome back Tide, Welcome back


Leah said...

Now I get it... :o) I agree... some things are just worth the money!!

Sarah said...

Yep! Some things are just worth spending the extra money to have what you LOVE!!! When I was in America, I NEVER bought any other brand of bleach...ONLY CLOROX!! To me, nothing else was as good. In India....I have Rin! :)

Leah said...

p.s. The girls laughed when I told them you LOVE Tide. :)